When You are Unhappy, What Do You Do that Usually Makes You Feel Better ?

Every morning I wake up, I don’t know what’s around the corner. The possibilities are endless. Surprises are everywhere. “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”.

For the majority of us, it’s not easy to say exactly if it is possible to always be happy? Everything in our life comes in waves. We all have times of fear, heartache, depression, disappointment, and so on, but in even with all these negative emotions and hardships of life, I really believe that it is possible to be happy at least part of every day. There were some particularly happy moments in my life: the last high school, graduating from the University suma cum laude, my sister’s wedding, etc.

However, I also feel unhappy quite often. The reasons for that can be various: from trivial matters to the bad political situation in my country. Besides, we live in the world, where the advertisements are presenting glamorous images to compare ourselves with: people with flawless hair, perfect bodies, homes, cars, marriages and children. They give us the illusion that this perfection is somehow possible.

I’m a perfectionist too. In my little world everything must be good or at least not worse than in others. So I try to do all my best to achieve the same level of success as my friends or even higher. But if something goes wrong and I understand that I can’t reach the goal, I feel unhappy. In such cases I quickly use the recipe I invented for myself. When I’m alone I watch comedies or call my friends and hang out with them on weekends. But the best thing for me is to spend these times with my two pets. Even a couple minutes with them relaxes me. Sometimes I clean my apartment even if it’s not necessary. I convince myself that I can’t get everything I want, but can learn how to enjoy and feel blessed with what I have. But if nothing helps, I concentrate on the thought that everything in this world is temporary.

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