Essay on Should Smoking in Public Places be Illegal?

Before a person decides to support banning smoking in public places, he needs to realize a smoker’s view point. According to a smoker, a public place is an area that is owned by everyone. As long as he is not harming anyone or breaking law, he can do whatever he feels like. Some die-hard smokers also insist that since tobacco is one of the prime crops and has a vital role in strengthening the economic power of the country, the right to smoke should not be interfered with by the law. However, one needs to consider the basic question: is a smoker really not harming anyone?

Not only does smoking in public areas lead to dirt and contamination, the attitude of smokers is very much inconsiderate, obnoxious and rude. Studies have revealed that passive smoking leads to more harm than the actual habit. In the United States more than 4 million people every year die from diseases related to tobacco use. Though the government have tried to discourage smokers by putting heavy taxes on tobacco for many years, putting warnings on the packets and running many advertising campaigns- all have gone unnoticed by the smokers. Unless a strict legal restriction is imposed, violation of which will lead to heavy fine and imprisonment, the smokers will not refrain from this habit.

Smoking often results in serious diseases like tuberculosis and cancer. A complete ban on smoking in public places is needed to protect those who have to experience passive smoking. Only a ban could discourage the smokers from continuing with this habit. For building up a healthy and illness-free nation, smoking in public places should be completely banned.

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