Essay on “Do You Want to Have a Cosmetic Surgery? Why or Why Not?”

I absolutely have no desire to have cosmetic surgery.

First of all, there are risks associated for any type of surgery, and I am not willing to subject myself to these risks without a good reason. In my mind, cosmetic surgery is not a good reason for going ‘under the knife’.

Secondly, I believe that our society’s focus on how we look is dangerous to our children. I fear that we have become so preoccupied with our appearance that we have forgotten to look deeper, into what a person is made of. The most beautiful looking people in the world may be the most rotten in the inside. Unfortunately, our society has a special place for these “beautiful people”, even if they are not at all pretty inside. I think we all need to learn to look past the superficial beauty and get to know people from the heart, for what they do and what they believe in.

My third reason is another fear of where all of this focus on outward beauty is leading to. Sexual promiscuity and adultery are on the rise. I believe that our constant focus on how we look has turned into how we can look the sexiest. This is encouraging even very young girls to dress in a manner pleasing to the opposite sex. This leads to sex before marriage, unwanted pregnancies, abortion, and subsequently, depression and anxiety for many of these girls who were too young to become involved in such a situation.

So, no, I have no desire to contribute to a society’s eagerness to be the most beautiful on the outside. I will continue to work on making my inside beautiful, and to look past the shell of the outside to the heart and soul within each person. Because, truly, outward beauty does not last but inward beauty lives on in the memories of those it touched.

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